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Well it is about that time!! Are you ready??? I’m almost set for our first session & I know you all are getting anxious!!!


MONDAY April 8th OR WEDNESDAY April 10th

6pm @ Bensville Park

Pre-Registration : to by announced

Registration is ​ also​ held at the field on your first night you are attending,OR you can go to robinspeeweesoccer.​com and ​complete the form from my website and ..... ​hit submit or print it out​

​Pay​ment is also due upon registration ​ (in person) and shirt is given upon payment of: $50.00

******These are things you need to know:*******

When completing the registration form at the field, Please make sure you circle the night MON or WED that your will be attending. Please print clearly so I am able to enter all information correctly onto my database. Directions are also located at this site. Bensville Park is located on 229, Bensville Road in White Plains MD, between Billingsly and 227 Pee-wee Soccer is "geared" toward 3-4 year olds and each session requires parent participation. There MUST be a parent, or legal guardian, at each session to assist their child. (& yes I do accept 2 year olds too). You will need a soccer ball for each child participating at each session. Size 3 is recommended for this age group.

For the first session,


Answer: You will need to bring the following with you the first session:

A soccer ball, and if you haven't already registered and received a shirt you will need : a completed registration form, & $50.00: Cash is preferred, but: if you are writing a check please make it out to ROBINS Pee-wee Soccer, also bring a sense of humor and lots of patience,,,, and oh yeah.. bring your child!!


The first night is a bit hectic so arriving a little early is WONDERFUL and highly recommended,

(on-line registration is strongly encouraged :)​

exact change and completed forms are greatly appreciated! if you are completing the registration form at the field, You will turn in your form, pay the $50.00, then receive a t-shirt. After you get your shirt, you will go over to the bulletin board and locate your child's NAME TAG.

If you have sent me your information, your child's name should be up on that board. The name tags are in alphabetical order by last name, every week you will receive a new name tag. It is very important to me that you get the name tag and place it on the child's t-shirt, if the spelling of your child is incorrect be sure to let me know. Name tags will be available EACH week. this helps me with knowing the child, and also knowing who is attending.

The first 2 weeks we keep in one big group the entire hour, then week 3-6 after our warm ups, we get into smaller groups for drills. We always do our warm-ups together in one group. Week 7 is our PEE-WEE World Cup. and Week 8 is our AWARDS NIGHT @ the JAYCEE HALL IN WALDORF. (more info will follow)

After EACH session each PARTICIPATING PEE-WEE receives a snack and drink.

This is for ONLY PARTICIPATING pee-wees PLEASE. No siblings and/or parents! Sorry but in order to make sure I have enough for both nights and keep the cost to a minimum only those who have received a shirt may get snack and drinks. (One snack and one drink per participant.)

Parents, just to give you a heads up! Not every child will enjoy all of the drills we do during our sessions. No worries, we are out there to have fun. I want to make it fun but yet a learning experience as well. As long as they do not interrupt the drill I'm doing they are fine to watch or just pass and kick with you, if your child does not want to do something that is fine, just be patient!! I would bet in a few weeks, they'll start touching that ball, dribbling right in front of your eyes. Each child is different and will learn and play at their own pace. One bad experience at a sport could turn them away the rest of their childhood. So remember, ENJOY each minute while you can, they grow-up sooooo fast! let them have fun and have fun with them. If they see you playing along and enjoying it, they too will enjoy! (After all, they will learn QUICK,,, their snack and drink awaits them after each session!! :) ha-ha!! The more you put into this, the more they will tend to get out of it.

A few of you have asked about shoes, shorts, shin guards etc... I do have pee-wee shirts, but anything extra is totally up to you. shin guards, cleats, matching shorts etc are super cute but not necessary!

I hope this has helped out with any questions you have about Pee-Wee Soccer. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or call. Remember when e-mailing, PLEASE include your Childs name on ALL YOUR e-mails sent, so I know who you are and who you are talking about! (you will always receive an 'auto reply' return email immediately from me, i will get to you soon if you have any questions)

Once again I will offer Pee-wee soccer on 2 evenings, this means you have a choice of which session you wish to attend, either the…

Mondays 6-7pm start date April 8th OR Wednesday Nights – 6-7pm starting April 10th


Cost: $50.00 per child. exact change is greatly appreciated. if you must write a check make it payable to: ROBINS Pee-Wee Soccer

please bring the registration forms & fee with you on your first night.​ (unless you completed it on line or at pre-registration) ​

(& soccer ball , each session, one ball per child participating)

THANKS for being so patient and I will look forward to seeing you on MONDAY or WED nights.

If you have not e-mailed back with the day (Monday or Wed) that you are going to join in, please let me know as soon as you can. include childs name please with the e-mail.

I'll be seeing you soon!

********LOCATION : Bensville Park 6980 Bensville Rd. White Plains, MD 20695

******** AWARDS BANQUET *************

6pm @ Jaycee Hall in WALDORF Wednesday May 29

A LOT OF INFORMATION to get in at once. Any questions call or email...



Coach Robin

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